F. William Engdahl Explains the Rockefeller Origins of GMOs and Their Role in Population Reduction

David Dees
Author and Researcher, F. William Engdahl, describes how the Rockefeller family funded molecular biology to create new species.  He says the so-called ‘green revolution’ was developed at Harvard Business School in the 1950s with Rockefeller funding. The goal was to replace small, independent farms with large, corporate farms producing single crops.  The Rockefellers and Rothschilds are involved in this primarily because of their fascination with eugenics, which is the science of population control through selective breeding, sterilization, and reduction of fertility rates. -GEG


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The comment left by Robert House is typical of many people on our side. His thoughts are well-meaning but wrong. How would a race war help the globalists, elite, the rulers, string pullers or whatever name you want to call them? What those people want is one race, a mixture of mulattos where there is no superior race to give them any resistance. The European race, the caretakers of civilization, and up until recently the defenders of our race, are the only ones with the brains to offer any organized resistance to the control they want to exercise over all… Read more »