Sudanese Gunman Opened Fire in Tennessee Church

Tennessee: Emanuel Kidega Samson, a Sudanese bodybuilder, shot and killed a mother of two and wounded six others at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ.  An armed church usher, Robert Engle, confronted the shooter, subdued him, and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.  The motivation for the attack is unknown or not revealed at this time. -GEG 

Sudanese bodybuilder is charged with murder after gunman burst into Tennessee church and opened fire killing one woman and wounding six others before being taken down by a hero armed usher

  • Shooting happened at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ around 11am
  • One woman is dead and seven others injured after Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, opened fire
  • Police confirmed married mother-of-two Melanie Smith, 39, of Smyrna, was killed
  • Two victims were critically injured and four are in stable condition at Vanderbilt Medical Center
  • Police say armed church usher Robert Engle, 22, confronted the shooter and stopped the rampage
  • Engle is being treated at TriStar Skyline Medical center for injuries he sustained when suspect pistol-whipped him
  • The last shooting victim is also being treated at TriStar Medical Center 
  • All of those wounded in the shooting except for one person is over the age of 60
  • Family members say two victims include church pastor, Joey Spann and his wife Peggy Spann
  • The church hosts weekly service at 10am and is located on Pin Hook Road

The masked gunman who opened fire at a Nashville church killing one and injuring six others has been charged with murder.

Melanie Crow Smith, 39, of Smyrna, died and another six were injured when Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, opened fire at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, 30 minutes southeast of Nashville in Antioch, as services let out at 11.15am.

The attack only stopped thanks to the brave actions of an armed church usher and Samson, a Sudanese-born bodybuilder, was arrested at the scene.

Robert Engle, 22, identified by friends on social media, had ran up to confront Samson and despite being repeatedly pistol-whipped in the head, was able to force Samson to shoot himself in the leg.

Engle then went to his car, grabbed his own pistol, and returned to hold the shooter at gunpoint.

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Update: investigation of Samson’s social media postings.

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