Turkish President Erdogan Urges Ethnic Turks in Europe to Expand Their Political Influence

April 12, 2018 Faz 0

Turkish President Erdogan is urging ethnic Turks living in Europe to become involved in the local politics in Europe, and to suppress the Kurds. He urged them to remain loyal to Islam and their country of origin. He is organizing a foreign population inside European borders to act in the interest of Turkey and Islam, which may contradict the interests of the European host country. This is a soft coup through demographics.


Another Brutal Murder That Could Have Been Prevented If FBI Had Done Its Job

March 15, 2018 WPBF News 0

Palm Beach, Florida: Corey Johnson, a 17-year-old Florida youth who converted to Islam, confessed to killing a 13-year-old boy at a sleepover and attacking the host family – in the name of Islam. For more than a year prior to the stabbing, the FBI had known that Johnson was posting violent threats online to a Catholic school in England. The FBI says it planned to arrest Johnson, but just didn’t get around to it.


Muslim Man Shoots Cop in The Name of Islam but Mayor Says Attack Unrelated to Islam

January 30, 2018 6 Action News 0

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Edward Archer, a Muslim, ambushed and shot a cop in the arm. After he was apprehended, he said that he did it in the name of Islam and that he is loyal to ISIS. That made no difference to Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney who said the shooting had nothing to do with Islam. Then he said that, In America, Muslims are forced to defend themselves against hatred.


Saudi Princess Reveals Elites Participate in Sex and Sex Slavery with Underage Girls

January 2, 2018 Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka 0

Saudi Princess Aidan,confided to French newspaper, LeMonde, that the ruling House of Saud secretly engages in sexual slavery, in addition to buying or renting children for sex from impoverished areas in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Djibouti, Somalia, Nigeria, Romania, and Bulgaria. Princess Aidan is the ex-wife of the Saudi Prince, Al Waleed bin Talal, who recently was arrested in the anti-corruption purges in the country. She said those who accuse others of corruption and money laundering are in fact highly corrupted themselves.


France Deploys 91,000 Troops to Protect Against Muslim Terrorism over Christmas

December 25, 2017 The Local 0

The French government has confirmed that 91,000 police, military police, and soldiers will be on duty over the Christmas weekend, guarding churches against jihad attacks. Some churches will have volunteer security guards who will search people and keep watch over suspicious vehicles. The mayor of the town of Cannes has decided to bring in armed security guards to patrol at churches over the Christmas period.


Man ​Receives 15-Year Prison Term for Leaving Bacon at Mosque and Breaking Windows

December 11, 2017 UK Independent 0

Titusville, Florida: Michael Wolfe, 37, smashed windows and lights with a machete before leaving bacon by the front door of the Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosque in January 2016. The vandalism was recorded on CCTV. He plead guilty to vandalizing the mosque itself with ‘​hate​’ motives, making it a felony​. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.