Leftists at Anti-Gun ‘March for Our Lives’ Shoot Themselves in the Foot

Fleccas Talks attended the March for Our Lives in Los Angeles and found that many of the attendees want all guns banned (except those in the possession of government agents and private security services that are rigidly controlled by the government. [No surprise there inasmuch as disarming the law-abiding population is the primary goal of those who organized and funded the event.] -GEG

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These people are useful idiots. How would taking my fire arms away from me have changed any thing a the Marjorie “don’t drain the swamp” Douglas HS? Government clowns are the only ones that had guns that killed those 17 students. The cops waited for the two men in black tactical equipment to be done shooting before entering. A video that keeps getting taken down had an interview with a girl that talked with the kid being blamed! They were talking as the shooting was going on as they evacuated. He didn’t have a weapon of any sort including a… Read more »


These people are just plain ignorant. They know none of the facts. They have their mama (= moderators) running around protecting them from “free speech” (read: censorship). They are devoid of analytical thinking skills (= today’s education). The women are even more ridiculous, with their disconnect from reality, and their emotion-led ‘ideas’ built on words. They must all be living in a fantasy. Sheesh. “More Guns, Less Crime” By John R. Lott is the definitive statement on the subject’s pragmatics. “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms” by Joyce Lee Malcolm explains the history of the right. Like Owen says:… Read more »