President Trump Denounced ‘Alt-Left’ Antifa for Starting Violence in Charlottesville

President Trump stood firm against shrill statements from reporters at his press conference on the recent violence in Charlottesville. The reporters accused him of not immediately condemning the Alt-Right demonstrators for violently attacking the Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups who were present. Trump responded that he did immediately condemn the violence but was not willing to say who was responsible for it until he had the facts from sources other than the biased media. When the facts finally were determined by independent sources and video recordings, he found it was Antifa and Black Lives Matter who initiated the violence. He said that many of the protesters on the right were not neo-Nazis or racists but were there to protest the removal of the General Lee monument. The reporters present were openly hostile to his statements. –GEG

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Duck and Cover
Duck and Cover
2 years ago

I want facts and these should be easy to verify – they are either true or not true: 1. Did the “Unite the Right” have a permit to march? 2. Did the “Anti-Fa” have a permit to counter-march? 3. Did the police have a plan to keep the groups separated? 4. Did the police order the “Anti-Fa” to disburse if they did not have a permit and arrest those who failed to obey a police order? 5. Did the police force the “Unite the Right” marchers to “run the gauntlet” by forcing them to march through two lines of “Anti-Fa”… Read more »

Mark Are
Mark Are
2 years ago

As if the facts matter to the communists that want total control of this country.