Google Fires Employee For Saying There Are Differences between Men and Women

James Damore was fired from his job as an engineer at Google for writing a critique of the company’s leftist ideology. He called particular attention to the company’s insistence on 100% gender neutrality in all matters. He provided scientific proof that there are many biological differences between man and women that, theoretically, could impact job performance. No one questioned his facts. They just fired him for “perpetuating gender bias”. [Don’t laugh. This is the company that has become the world’s information censor. The information you depend on to make judgments and decisions now is being manipulated by Google and its subsidiary, YouTube. Tucker Carlson says that, because Google has the power to censor, it should be regulated like a public utility. Good point, but be aware that government regulators and Google regulators have identical perspectives.] –GEG

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Jerry Hewes
Jerry Hewes

To say there are no differences between man and woman is nonsense. Biological difference mean think is dominated by the differences in biological needs. Of course in man, that infamous intellectually perverted creature, many variations do occur but these twistings of reality in no way affect the essential differences and reflect why woman in politics are such a misfit. In reality or for example, it is man who displays the ego (ability to fake) and regularly plays king of the mountain. It does not suit being feminine.


Thank you Tucker Carlson for telling the truth.

Henry Kelly
Henry Kelly

The idea that both sexes are the same is homosexual. Mr. Damore’s
pointing out that men and women are different is heterosexual and
is why he was fired.