Google in China Will Link Searches to Personal Phone Numbers

September 18, 2018 Breitbart 0

Google’s Chinese search engine, called ‘Dragonfly’, will censor dissidents, block information critical of the government, and will link searches to phone numbers, thus allowing authorities to identify who is making the searches. [Google finds nothing wrong with participating in this program.]


Journalist Jon Rappoport Says Google, Facebook and Other Social Media Censor Their Critics, Not Only Because They Are Left-Leaning, But Because They Are Appendages of the State

August 21, 2018 Jon Rappoport 3

Rappoport shows that Google, Facebook, and YouTube are deeply influenced by government intelligence agencies. Facebook received $13-million in 2004 from Accel Partners, which is indirectly funded by the CIA and DARPA, a research division of the US military. Google works closely with the military-industrial complex.


Google Lists “Nazi” in GOP Search Results and Twitter Censors Drudge

June 5, 2018 ZeroHedge 1

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has admonished Google and Twitter over anti-conservative censorship and called for a new search engine that doesn’t censor conservatives. Last week Google was called out after a search result showed the word “Nazism” under the California Republican Party’s ideology. Nunes also criticized Twitter for censoring the Drudge Report.