Tens of Thousands Rally in Milan for Open Borders. 1.3 Million Did Not.

Milan, Italy: Tens of thousands filled the streets to march in favor of immigration and open borders, despite Italy already having the highest number of people acquiring citizenship of any state in the EU. A rally of this magnitude does not happen spontaneously. It requires sponsors, organizers, banner makers, buses, a planning committee, and massive funding – none of which is mentioned in this article.  Before you jump to the conclusion that Italy has gone insane, remember that 1.3 million residents of Milan stayed home. –GEG
Tens of thousands took to the streets of Milan to show their support for migrant rights, local media report. “No one is illegal” and “Without borders” were the main slogans of the march.

The demonstration, dubbed “20 May. Without borders” was held in central Milan on Saturday.

The organizers of the rally promised that it would be “a mobilization full of hope” – in particular, “the hope of those who believe in the value of respect for cultural and ethnic differences.”

“A wind of intolerance is defeating us. [We] need to strengthen a migrant reception system based on the involvement of all communities and institutions,” their statement said.

Around 100,000 joined the demonstration, local media report, citing the organizers. Police, however, have not released any official data on the turnout.

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