New US federal budget Has No Money For The Wall But Plenty for Planned Parenthood

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Donald Trump’s campaign promises are fading from minds of the Republican leaders who supported him and who now control both the House and Senate.  The budget actually prohibits Trump’s border wall and fails to cut funding for the EPA.  It provides funding for Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, and Obamacare subsidies.  Trump asked for – and received $21-billion in funding to expand the military. In other words, the election made no difference. The bi-partisan agenda continue as before. –GEG

The House Rules Committee published its proposed $1 trillion budget at 12:47 a.m. on Monday, a massive 1,665-page plan that is 400 pages longer than the average bible.

Not only are many of President Donald Trump’s budget priorities missing from the plan, but since 2009 Republicans have promised a 72-hour “read the bill” window to allow Americans to see legislation before it is voted on — a biblical task for a bill that could as early as Wednesday face an up or down vote.

The “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017″ will fund the federal government through the end of September, another kick-the-can down-the-road budget that does not pay for a wall on the U.S. southern border but does fund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

The budget does include an increase in military spending ($12.5 billion) and border security ($1.5 billion), although the latter prohibits any spending on security except for technological advances and repairs to existing infrastructure, unnamed congressional aides told the Washington Post.

But while the military spending and border security represent what Trump and Republicans wanted, the Democrats, who are now the minority in both the Senate and House, got what they wanted, including $295 million to fund Puerto Rico’s Medicaid program and $100 million funding for opioid addiction.

“Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) boasted that they were able to force Republicans to withdraw more than 160 unrelated policy measures, known as riders, including those that would have cut environmental funding and scaled back financial regulations for Wall Street,” the Post reported.

“Among the bipartisan victories is $407 million in wildfire relief for western states and a decision to permanently extend a program that provides health-care coverage for coal miners,” the Post reported.

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5 years ago

Not that I am for Abortion, but Conservatives always have enough money for Killing People, like the Murder The Troll King did on Syria at a tune of 60 million dollars to have entertainment for President XiJinPing. That would have paid for a lot of Bricks in his Stupid China, Berlin Israeli Southern Border Wall, that won’t do a thing except waste more money, the US doesn’t have., nor have the Job base. Everyone is still wondering where the Trillions went under Rumsfeld watch just after 911, that they stole, and closed down the investigation, for their involvement in orchestrating… Read more »