Syria: Former Israeli Defense Minster Confirms Israeli Collaboration With ISIS

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Bogie Yaalon served as Defense Minister in the current Israeli government in May 2016. Describing the military conflict between Syria and Israel, Yaalon says. “On most occasions, firing comes from regions under the control of the (Assad) regime.  But, once, the firing came from ISIS positions – and it immediately apologized.”  [Allies apologize when they accidentally cause harm to their partner.]  Israel’s collaboration with al-Nusra is well documented, but this is the first time an Israeli official has confirmed the non-hostile relationship with ISIS. –GEG

Additional Information:

BREAKING: Former Israeli Defense Minister Confirms Israeli Collaboration with ISIS in Syria

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Not just allies…. throwing a rock and hitting a giants house on accident would reasonably generate profuse apologies, in the hope to calm the giants response….