Fox News, Last Bastion of Conservative Views on TV, Is Crumbling Under Attack From Political Left and Right

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Fox News, the sole remaining ‘conservative’ channel on TV, is under attack, not only from the left but from the right as well. Roger Ailes, the founder and former CEO of Fox was ousted last year over claims of sexual harassment. Bill O’Reilly was ousted last week also over allegations of sexual harassment, Sean Hannity now is under attack on similar allegations, and now a class-action suit charging racial discrimination has been filed against Fox.  Researcher Ethan Ralph reports that this is because of ‘undue influence’ from the daughters-in-law of Rupert Murdoch (the owner of Fox) who embrace the ideology of collectivism and globalism. [We are compelled to add that Murdoch, himself, has a long affinity to these ideals, as evidenced by his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberger group. To imply that he is ‘unduly’ influenced by the women in his life misses the point completely. It is more likely that they are influenced by him.] –GEG

As I mentioned yesterday, and as you have no doubt already heard (unless you’re living under a rock), longtime cable news kingpin Bill O’Reilly was unceremoniously dumped from his primetime perch at Fox News Channel (FNC). I will say this upfront: I don’t really like Fox News all that much, besides Tucker Carlson’s show. However, they are useful as a counterweight against the extremely “progressive” mainstream media news organizations that comprise pretty much all of the TV landscape besides Fox. But  they’ve sold plenty of bad goods over the years, like the Iraq War and various other Establishment GOP boondoggles. Let’s not let them off the hook for those disasters.

Still, reports in the wake of O’Reilly’s ouster are pretty worrying if you value the balance FNC helps provide. Apparently, the wives of the ascendant sons of Rupert Murdoch, James and Lachlan, have been making moves behind the scenes. First, they succeeded in their efforts to get the guy who helmed Fox News since its inception, Roger Ailes, shitcanned last summer. Now, they’ve gotten an arguably even bigger scalp

Two powerful women quietly helped behind the scenes to bring Bill O’Reilly down.

Sarah and Kathryn Murdoch — the wives of the ousted talk show host’s young bosses — are at least partially responsible for his humiliating exit from Fox News Wednesday…

Behind the scenes, Sarah and James Murdoch’s wife, Kathryn, also pushed to sever the network’s ties to the prickly host, several sources said.

While Fox News politically leans to the right, the wives of its top executives lean to the left.

Kathryn and James Murdoch are the co-founders of the charity Quadrivium, which funds progressive causes like environmental protection, science, childhood health and equal opportunity in the workplace — issues not exactly aligned with many of Fox News’ biggest contributors.

Someone linked me to the Twitter account of Kathryn Murdoch earlier this morning, and at first, I thought this had to be a fake. How does it only have 227 followers, I asked myself. Then I went and looked at who those followers were. Two people who have written extensively about the Murdoch clan follow the account, as do bigwigs from the New York Post (a Murdoch property) and the Wall Street Journal (another Murdoch property).

 I think it’s very safe to say this is her real account.

The most troublesome thing I see here is the globalist worldview that is represented in tweet after tweet. Such as her antipathy for so-called “fake news.” She means sites like mine, ones that deviate from the elitist narrative that is preferred by the jet-setting rich who have no real home country. They consider themselves citizens of the world.

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5 years ago

Good, I hope they get rid of the entire program, and start a new Peace News, for a Peace Economy that broadcasts News in an inquiry diplomatic way, sort of like National Geographic Commentary. The idea is to not promote War. You sow what you reap. STOP SOWING TERRORISM AND WAR! More people will tune in..