Canadian Scientist Claims Babies As Young As 6 Months Can Be Racist


Dr. Kang Lee headed a pair of studies at the University of Toronto that he says show that all babies are biased in favor of their own race even when they are just six months old. Kang suggests that babies should be exposed to a variety of races from birth before preferences are ingrained into their minds.  Commentator, Tucker Carlson, warns that the studies will legitimize government becoming even more deeply involved in teaching attitudes to children and will further diminish the role of parents and families. –GEG

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Bill Goode
Bill Goode
4 years ago

I guess we should ban Chinese scientists that come up with such idiotic conclusions.

2 years ago

Helpless babies recognize and bond with their parents, particularly their mothers; it’s called a survival mechanism. A baby at this developmental age has not yet come to recognize that he is a separate entity from the mother. Margaret Mahler in Oneness and Separateness elaborates on this phenomenon which occurs in ALL babies. The scientist’s adult perspective differs greatly from a six month old because he moved through all of those stages which enabled him to develop his separate and individual identity. Interpreting instinctual six month responses through adult cognition which took decades to develop is absurd and meaningless, as he… Read more »