Tech Apprenticeship Circumvents College Education & Debt


Isaac Morehouse of Praxis offers an innovative alternative to attending college through a three-month training that includes an attitude ‘boot camp’ and a real-world apprentice program with tech start-ups. The output of the program is a virtually guaranteed job for the highly motivated young people, age 17 to 26, who enroll. Morehouse says that the mindset of following rules, chasing grades and credentials, and waiting to be told what to do, which is the typical school model, is not effective in today’s job market. -GEG

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London: Islamic Terrorist Who Stabbed 2 People to Death Was an Ex-Convict Who Was Attending a Cambridge University Event on ‘Prisoner Rehabilitation’

December 2, 2019 CBS, et al. 1

Usman Khan, 28, a convicted terrorist, was attending a University of Cambridge conference for a program that works to rehabilitate prisoners. He is accused of stabbing and killing two people and injuring three more. He was wearing a fake explosive suicide vest. The attack comes just two weeks before a major election.


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