Facebook Lost $40 Billion After Allowing Private Company to Data-Mine 50 Million Accounts

March 21, 2018 Jake Morphonios 0

In 2016, the company was paid $6 million to mine 50-million Facebook accounts on behalf of presidential candidate Donald Trump. The information was used to craft messages to manipulate voters based on their views expressed on Facebook. Cambridge uses contractors for highly unethical operations, including the use of bribery, sexual entrapment, and blackmail. If you think politics produces strange bedfellows, this commentary will provide you with lots of support for your convictions.


Trump Slams Steve Bannon over New Book

January 4, 2018 CBC 1

A new book, written by Michael Wolff that is highly critical of President Trump, quoted his former senior advisor, Steve Bannon, as saying that Donald, Jr. committed treason and will be indicted. Trump responded by issuing a formal statement saying that Bannon has lost his mind.


Battle For White House Rages Between Nationalists And Globalists

April 13, 2017 David Knight, InfoWars 2

Republicans are disappointed by cosmetic revisions to Obamacare instead of outright repeal. There also is infighting at the White House between Steve Bannon, who represents nationalism and dismantling of the bureaucratic state (draining the swamp) versus Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) and Ivanka (Trump’s daughter), who represent globalism and the all-powerful bureaucracy.