Detroit Hotel Cancels Agreement with Event When It Learns Speakers Include Steve Bannon, Sheriff David Clarke, and Triple Amputee, Brian Kolfage

Red Pill Expo 2019
Detroit Foundation Hotel canceled its agreement with a venue organized by “Build the Wall” a few hours after it learned that the guest list included Trump supporters, Steve Bannon, Sheriff David Clarke, and Purple Heart recipient, Brian Kolfage. This is an extension of the growing trend to use private businesses and economic measures to eliminate freedom-of-speech in America. Shadow banning, withdrawal of advertising, and cancellation of Internet accounts is now joined by denial-of-services at the local level.
[Our Red Pill Exp-2019 — to be held in Hartford, CT, in June — experienced a similar slap in the face a few days ago when the hotel that had been eager to book a block of rooms for the event suddenly canceled the agreement. No reason was given, but this occurred just a few days following the launch of a smear campaign by a local group calling itself Downtown Hartford CT. The group began a Facebook campaign and made phone calls to businesses near our event warning that they were risking their good reputations if they cooperated with Red Pill. They falsly accused the organizers of Red Pill (that’s us) of being alt-right, racists, and Fascists. We are guessing that the hotel management, without suspecting the motives of the organizers of this smear campaign, thought they were hearing from concerned citizens, instead of political operatives, so they canceled our contract! The Red Pill Expo will go on, of course, and this foul play has merely made us more determined than ever to make it a huge success. You can help us achieve that by signing up for the live-stream of the event or, if you can travel to Hartford, register to attend. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could flood Hartford with thousands of normal, intelligent, non-violent, freedom-loving truth-seekers who, by their mere presence, would prove the lie told by Downtown Hartford CT? Learn about Red Pill Expo in the link below] -GEG


Steve Bannon, Purple Heart recipient triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage and Sheriff Clarke will be traveling to Detroit next week for a town hall event that was organized by ‘We Build the Wall.’

Kolfage, Bannon, Sheriff Clarke and crew were recommended they stay at the Detroit Foundation Hotel because of the close proximity to the Cobo Center where the town hall will be held next Thursday.

The group sales staffer from the hotel called Kolfage’s staffer eager to assist them with their event and accommodations needs on Friday morning, according to Kolfage.

Kolfage’s staffer told the hotel they needed 23 rooms for two nights from March 13th-15th.

The hotel salesperson replied that they had rooms available and offered the group the rate of 186.00 per room per night — a discount from the online single person only reservation price of $250- per night.

Brian Kolfage told this reporter that he accepted the offer immediately.

The hotel salesperson then asked for an email address to send a credit card authorization form and a list of names.

In a March 8th email obtained by The Gateway Pundit, a Detroit Foundation Hotel employee is happy to accommodate Brian Kolfage and his crew. The employee sounds enthusiastic to make the sale and asks Brian Kolfage for the names of the guests and payment information.

About an hour after Brian Kolfage sent the hotel salesperson the list of names, he received an email back from the hotel staffer letting him know they decided to “withdraw” the group offer.

In an email obtained by The Gateway Pundit, the hotel staffer says, “Thanks so much for taking the time to send over this information. After reviewing our hotel’s position, unfortunately we are going to have to withdraw our group offer for this program. We are in a bit of a tough spot at the moment, and feel it’s best to walk away.”

“Your guests are more than welcome to book on their own through our website, but we cannot place a group offer,” the hotel staffer wrote in an email to Brian Kolfage.

In other words, Brian Kolfage and his crew would have to pay the hotel thousands of more dollars to stay there just because they are Trump supporters.

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Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
1 year ago

Unfortunately, Red Pill will need to launch a legal suit against the hotel for discrimination, and the sooner the better, even if it isn’t settled until after the event. Are any of the attendees black or gay or female or any other federally protected group to sue under for discrimination? I imagine a bright attorney will find some law to sue under. The hotel is a public business, and they should have to come into court to explain why they changed their mind after first agreeing to the reservations. Then after they say pressure from the local population scared them… Read more »

Detroit Hotel Cancels Agreement with Event When It Learns Speakers Include Steve Bannon, Sheriff David Clarke, and Triple Amputee, Brian Kolfage | WeAreChangeTV.US
1 year ago

[…] 11, 2019 Gateway Pundit No Comments This post was originally published on this […]

Ron Avery
Ron Avery
1 year ago

Hotels and Restaurants are getting a little too relaxed about cancelling contracts after somebody complains about the guests. They must give all that up because they cannot discriminate with their employees much less their clientele. I came real close to suing Hotel Contessa when they cancelled “The Ship That Won’t Sink” last Sept 8, 2018. Their time to figure all that out is prior to making contracts not afterward.