Jewish Law Professor Accuses ADL of Fudging Statistics To Make Anti-Semitism Appear More Prevalent Than It Really Is

November 5, 2018 Information Liberation 2

The ADL said that anti-Semitism, including “wild anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish financiers like George Soros manipulating world events,” must be censored and stopped and that there has been a 57% increase in harassment, vandalism, and violence in 2017. In response, professor David Bernstein wrote that the ADL’s study is false.


The ADL Announces New Internet Censorship Project To Identify and Prevent Hate Speech

March 6, 2018 ADL 3

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), with UC Berkeley, have created an artificial-intelligence program, called the Online Hate Index, to detect “hate” speech and create definitions for it. [For years, the ADL has promoted far-Left political agendas while accusing those who oppose those agendas of being anti-Semitic. Most people are not aware that this organization is using its Jewish identity as a cover to promote a Leftist political agenda. The time is drawing near when any expression of opposition to Leftist agendas will be defined as hate speech, and that will justify denying Internet access to those who hold such opinions.]