58,000 Non-Citizens Illegally Voted in Texas State Elections

January 28, 2019 ZeroHedge 0

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that 95,000 non-citizens are illegally registered to vote in Texas, and 58,000 of them voted in at least one Texas election since 1996. Non-citizens who are lawfully residing in Texas may obtain drivers licenses, but only citizens are entitled to vote.


Ron Paul Explains the Neocon Position for Regime Change in Venezuela

January 25, 2019 Ron Paul 1

US diplomats have not been withdrawn as demanded by Maduro, which could provoke Maduro to arrest them or resort to violence to prove that he still is in charge. That would become an excuse to to invade Venezuela, which is what the neocons desire. Neocons from both parties support Trump’s move.


President Trump’s Plan to End the Border Crisis

January 21, 2019 Daily Caller 1

Trump proposed extending legal protections to one-million immigrants including work permits, enrollment in Social Security, $800-million in humanitarian assistance, $805-million for drug-detection technology, 2,750 new border agents, 75 new immigration judge teams, and $5.7-billion for the wall.