Gospel Singer Pedro Henrique Died on Stage Sparking COVID Vaccine Speculation

Gospel singer Pedro Henrique, Youtube screenshot

Brazil: 30-year-old Brazilian gospel singer Pedro Henrique died after collapsing on stage while performing at a religious event on December 13, 2023. He was taken to a hospital and later pronounced dead from a massive heart attack. The video documenting his sudden death has raised questions about his COVID vaccine status which remains unknown. A chart by Statista shows that as of March 2023, 88% of Brazil’s population had received at least one dose of the COVID inoculation, with nearly 82% being fully vaccinated. Newsweek reported that the claim that Henrique died as a result of receiving COVID vaccines is unfounded, however, heart disease and death are known side effects of taking COVID injections.


Warning: video shows Mr. Henrique collapsing onstage


The horrifying video of a young Brazilian gospel singer dying while performing on stage has reignited COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories across social media.

Pedro Henrique, 30, collapsed during a live performance of his song Vai Ser Tão Lindo at a religious event in Bahia, Brazil, on Wednesday. Video footage of the event shows Henrique singing along with the crowd before suddenly collapsing and falling on his back.

Henrique was taken to a nearby medical clinic, where he was pronounced dead.

His label, Todah Music, later announced that the singer had suffered a massive heart attack, the Daily Mail reported. The label commended Henrique’s “contagious joy” and “enchanting voice” in a tribute video posted on Instagram Thursday.

Newsweek reached out to his label on Thursday via email for comment.

The tragedy was met with unfounded claims that Henrique’s heart attack was caused by the COVID vaccine.

Claims that the COVID vaccines cause health problems or increase the chance of death are often made by groups opposed to vaccination. Other celebrity deaths sparking COVID vaccine conspiracy theories include those of actor Andre Braugher, who died on Tuesday after a recent diagnosis of lung cancer, his publicist confirmed to Variety, and Dominican professional basketball player Óscar Cabrera Adames, who died in June following an apparent heart attack.

“30-year-old singer Pedro Henrique just collapsed and died on stage. The new normal is not normal,” account End Wokeness posted on X, formerly Twitter. The post was met with several responses criticizing the government for mandating vaccines.

“Another jab did what it was intended to do,” one user responded to a post about the incident. “RIP and condolences to all the victims coerced into poisoning themselves under the guise of benefiting themselves and others – be it life long side effects or instant death.”

“Nothing to see here. It’s totally normal for young people to be dropping dead since the clot shots came out,” another user posted.

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This is the elites way of “thinning out the herd.”

Jack B
Jack B
7 months ago

Or as they say in New York there culling the hoid.