Rep. Matt Gaetz Exposes Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for Sabotaging Speaker Candidates

Kevin McCarthy, Wiki

Mike Johnson was elected Speaker of the House with 220 unanimous Republican votes. As Matt Gaetz tells it, McCarthy accidentally  exposed his intentions during a poll assessing the sentiment about the potential of Mike Johnson as House Speaker. Everyone was eager to take this poll to gauge the room’s mood, wanting to keep the momentum going, except for McCarthy, who was trying to regain his position as Speaker of the House as a write-in candidate. Mike Johnson is a constitutional law attorney, a conservative, a Trump ally and is pro-life.



Deep down, many of us knew that McCarthy wasn’t genuinely stepping aside for the good of the party, right? If you believed he was taking the high road, especially with his puzzling “vote” for Jim Jordan, it’s time for you to buy a bridge in Brooklyn. In reality, McCarthy played the starring role in the chaos and sabotage surrounding the speakership. This little nugget came to light during a closed-door meeting in which McCarthy inadvertently revealed his hand. Everyone present saw it, grasping the reality of the situation.

As Matt Gaetz tells it, McCarthy accidentally exposed his intentions during a poll assessing the sentiment about the potential of Mike Johnson as House Speaker. Everyone was eager to take this poll to gauge the room’s mood, wanting to keep the momentum going—everyone, that is, except one individual.

Can you guess who?

Correct, Kevin McCarthy.

Gaetz mentioned that it was at this precise moment that everyone realized McCarthy had been undermining all the nominees this entire time and had planned to do the same to Mr. Johnson.


What an underhanded series of moves by McCarthy. He likely wanted nothing more than to paint Matt Gaetz as the man responsible for tearing the party apart, aiming to usher in either a staunch establishment figure or a Democrat. It’s concerning to realize these are the individuals representing us—those who prioritize personal gain and private vendettas over the needs and wishes of their constituents, the very people footing the bill for their hefty salaries. It’s no wonder there’s such widespread disillusionment with the GOP and our entire government.

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George Jetson
George Jetson
8 months ago

The deep state, goes all in on California political and judicial offices. We’ve also been told stories of DA’s running for office and being followed to get them to drop out. It’s come to the point where legitimate candidates need personal security. They should start looking for volunteers.

8 months ago

I always knew this man could not be trusted, much less any politician coming from CA regardless what letter is after his name.

8 months ago

Defund California.