COVID Vaccines Contain Cow Protein That Triggers Deadly Meat Allergies

Alex Jones shows that some standard vaccines and COVID injections contain alpha-gal, a bovine protein that creates an autoimmune response in those who take the shots that creates an allergy to beef. He said that the food supply is being weaponized to usher in world government. While the CDC blames the rise in beef allergies on the Lone Star tick, the CDC’s own papers show that some vaccines contain alpha-gal. Jones documents that the globalists in power can make mothers allergic to their own babies, and can also create meat allergies (or allergies anything else).


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Summary by JW Williams

Alex Jones published a special report about alpha-gal, also known as α gal, explaining that many modern vaccines, and the Pfizer and Moderna COVID jabs, have a bovine protein in them that creates an autoimmune response in those who take the shots that creates an allergy to beef. He said that the food supply is being weaponized.

The CDC claims that Lone Star ticks, which are present in many states, may be responsible for passing a meat allergy to humans. The Lone Star tick is reported to have a protein crystal in it, and if it bites a human, it will replicate in the human host’s body and will cause an autoimmune response. Jones said it is similar to the prion in mad cow disease that was discovered after cows were fed rotten meat.

Jones said that the Lone Star tick contains the same protein that is found in many standard vaccines. The CDC admits that vaccines may also cause the allergies.

Jones offered an example of vaccines causing illness, saying that Reuters and AP admit that most polio cases are from the Bill Gates and UN vaccines. In another example, he said that in the early 2000s, glyphosate was sprayed on wheat to kill fungal growth, and it soaked into the wheat and caused massive cases of gluten intolerance/ allergies.

A Mayo Clinic article states “Alpha-gal syndrome is a type of food allergy. It makes people allergic to red meat and other products made from mammals.”

A CDC document lists vaccines as non-food products that may contain alpha-gal. It says, “Ingredients that may contain alpha-gal include, but are not limited to: Gelatin, Glycerin, Magnesium stearate, and Bovine extract.”  D-Tap and MMR vaccines may include these ingredients.

Here is a list of vaccines that may contain alpha-gal from the CDC:

A PubMed study reported that “testing of selected vaccines revealed the presence of alpha-gal allergen in MMR and zoster vaccines, which have in common a higher content of gelatin and content of bovine calf serum.”

Records show that the Catholic church reported in 2014 that women in Kenya were given tetanus vaccines from the World Health Organization (WHO) that were laced with hCG, which is known to make mothers’ bodies reject their own babies, causing abortions. Jones said that globalists can make a person allergic to their own babies, meat, or anything else they want to use to create allergies.

Peanut proteins were used to develop vaccines, and after that, many people developed allergies to peanuts.

Jones warned that bioweapons will be deployed, but will be claimed to be to be naturally occurring, in order to  declare an emergency, societal control, and to crack down on free speech.

Obama established an internet kill switch, and when confronted by Congress, he claimed that he did it in case the bird flu or SARS gets out of control. The system can be used to control panic and direct every website in the US to one government announcement. Jones said that a bioweapon release could be used to bring in a world government to counter a global problem.

He stated that the United Nations said that a global pandemic is the only thing that may save their world government.

Links referenced in video:,attacked%20by%20the%20immune%20system,content%20of%20bovine%20calf%20serum

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Milton Farrow
Milton Farrow
6 months ago


Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
6 months ago

This is reminiscent of the tetanus shots the globalists had given to African women some years back. These tetanus shots contained something related to the pregnancy hormone beta-HCG which caused the unfortunate women to develop antibodies to beta-HCG which consequently caused them to have miscarriages because their immune systems would “attack” the pregnancies. It’s just another little gift from the eugenicist depopulationist globalists who, of course, love humanity so very much.