Chino, California: School Board Votes for Parental Rights Transgender Policy Amid Death Threats

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Chino Valley Unified teachers must tell parents if their child identifies as transgender under a fiercely debated policy approved by the school board late Thursday, July 20, following a contentious four-hour meeting. The new policy requires schools to notify parents in writing within three days after their child identifies as transgender, is involved in violence, or talks about suicide. California state Superintendent of Schools Tony Thurmond, who opposed the parents’ right’s proposal that became policy, was led away by security officers to shouts of “kick him out.”

Sonja Shaw, who leads the Chino Valley school board and led the effort to adopt the new policy, said that a death threat that included dismembering her, and killing her children and pets, came through on an anonymous phone call the day after the decision. Shaw is the mother of two Chino Valley students. She said that Antifa also threatened her online. In addition, she said that state officials are trying to intimidate local officials.

More than two-thirds (68%) of Californians agree that parents should be notified if their minor children change their gender identity, according to a poll taken by Protect Kids California.


A local school board president in California has been inundated with threats that left-wing activists will dismember her, kill her children, and slaughter her pets. Her crime? Saying that teachers should not keep parents in the dark if their children begin to “identify” as transgender.

The new Chino Valley (California) Unified School District Board of Education policy states that school officials will notify parents in writing within three days if a child seeks to “identify” as a gender “other than the student’s biological sex,” use different pronouns, adopt a different name, or use the restroom or join a sports team of the opposite sex.

The board adopted the resolution Thursday by a 4-1 vote, with member Donald Bridge casting the lone dissenting vote.

“The next morning, our district got a phone call” from an anonymous caller threatening “to kill me, and they said that they were going to dismember” school board president Sonja Shaw, the official revealed on “Washington Watch With Tony Perkins” on Monday. Police alerted Shaw to the threat shortly before a previous interview on the show last Friday.

Then Shaw looked at her district email account, where she said she saw messages stating, “You’re going to die,” with a series of profane epithets. “Your children are going to die, and your animals are going to die.” For a “point of reference, they would name what kind of animals I had,” Shaw added.

“I also got notification that people who identify as being in the terrorist organization Antifa posted on their website, ‘We declare war on Sonja Shaw,’” Shaw told Perkins, adding that the group posted her address. “They said, ‘We know where you sleep,’” the same message an angry mob screamed outside the home of then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson in 2018. “They said things like, ‘Use all force possible to stop her.’”

“I’m not going to lie. I was shaking,” Shaw confided on Monday. Police had beefed up patrols around her home to ensure security, she said.

While she had been “hesitant” to share the details of her ordeal, “God reminded me that these are the people that are after our children.”

“Sacramento has waged a war on parental rights, and a lot of it has to do with the perversion of our children,” Shaw told “Washington Watch” guest host Jody Hice, a former Georgia congressman, on Friday.

“We have to put up safeguards. That’s why I was put here,” Shaw told the school board meeting on Thursday.

After being alarmed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s top-down imposition of radical education policy as a parent, Shaw ran for school board, and “God opened the doors” to implement the new policy, she told Hice. When the Newsom administration learned of the impending policy, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond arrived at the district meeting Thursday night.

“It was a political stunt. He was trying to scare us,” assessed Shaw.

Thurmond requested a private meeting with Shaw prior to the meeting, but declined to follow through when he learned she would not withdraw the policy, Shaw has said. He instead addressed the board meeting, speaking as the first of 83 Californians to make their voices heard.

Video footage shows the attendees booed when Thurmond concluded, as Shaw asked everyone to “be respectful” toward the official. Thurmond exceeded his one-minute speaking slot, then returned to the podium demanding a “point of order,” although he is not a board member. Police eventually escorted him out of the building.

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Phillip Mezzapelle
Phillip Mezzapelle
11 months ago

Why don’t all these transgender advocates move to China or North Korea?…..Oh yeah, I forgot. In those places they wouldn’t even have the freedom of choice to become a transgender.

Glenn “KIRK” Kirkpatrick
Glenn “KIRK” Kirkpatrick
11 months ago

Our nation needs a return to common sense. I’m glad it’s happening in the bastion of wokeism, California.

11 months ago

Warning: The source of this article is the Daily Signal, of the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation is not our friend. They denied Charlotte Iserbyt’s outstanding public education whistleblower reports. She reported that on her site. If you delete this you’re part of the problem. No one should trust the Heritage Foundation.

Get Out Now of public schools!

11 months ago

When the government assumes control of the children, is it any wonder that it the bureaucrat decides what information the people who birthed them are allowed to know?