Buses Filled with Migrants from Texas Arrive at Kamala Harris’ Home in Washington, DC

Kamala Harris, Wiki
Three buses of recent migrant families from South and Central America arrived near the DC residence of Vice President Kamala Harris in record-setting cold on Christmas Eve. The buses were reportedly sent from Texas and headed toward New York, but were re-routed due to bad weather.

The three busloads of migrants from Texas dropped off near Vice President Kamala Harris’ DC residence in the bitter cold were initially slated to arrive in the Big Apple on Christmas Day, advocates said Sunday.

About 110 to 130 men, women and children were let off near the Naval Observatory in temperatures that hovered around 15 degrees on Saturday night, Christmas Eve.

The group — many among them wearing T-shirts or light sweatshirts — was met by local volunteers who gave them blankets and took them to a local church where they were fed and received shelter.

Volunteers had to scramble to welcome the asylum seekers because the buses were initially scheduled to arrive in New York City on Sunday but were rerouted.

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Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds
1 year ago

QUIT calling ILLEGALS “migrants”!