Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – President Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal!

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There was a runoff election in Brazil on October 30, and many accuse the left of election fraud as former president and convicted criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula) narrowly won (51-49) the presidential election against sitting President Jair Bolsonaro.  Demonstrators complained that at least 100 of the electronic ballot boxes did not contain a single vote for Bolsonaro. 5 million votes were discarded. Over 3 million protested on Nov. 15th, Republic Day, which may be the world’s largest protest. Protesters are demanding military intervention to prevent the communists from taking power. Bolsonaro’s party will request an annulment of the election because “it is not possible to validate the results of all the electronic voting machines.” If the electoral court refuses, as expected, then the sitting President can order a military court to decide. It will be a battle between the judicial system and the executive branch. The military will probably have to take to the streets. Under the Law and Order Act, the President can order the army to restore peace.”

Brazil’s far-left Supreme Court ordered banks to seize ALL assets and block funds from the millions of protesters participating in the mass democracy protests. But protesters are still in the streets.


Bolsonaro said last year that his options for 2022 were “prison, death or victory.”


This is how it’s done: Over 3 million Brazilians filled the streets on Republic Day yesterday, Nov. 15, to protest the stolen elections. The party of President Jair Bolsonaro presented its report and announced it will apply to have the election annulled since the results could not be validated.

Since the massive fraud during the runoff election on October 30th in Brazil, millions of Brazilians have been protesting on the streets every day against electoral fraud by Communist convicted criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


On yesterday’s Day of the Republic, millions took to the streets again, especially in Rio de Janeiro and the capital, Brasilía, but also in smaller towns across the country.

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Joe in Missouri
Joe in Missouri
13 days ago

Unlike l Donald Trump, Bolsonaro is not going to turn his government over to the Marxists that stole the election.   Perhaps Brazilians will escape the hell that  Trump threw 350 million Americans into.

Some men have character,  values,  and moral fortitude, and some don’t.

12 days ago

Trump was back-stabbed by rinos in his midst who couldn’t differentiate between personality and policy. Check out D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” movie and Book, if not familiar.