‘Died Suddenly’ Documentary Examines Deaths Linked to COVID Vaccines

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Died Suddenly is a new documentary that features video interviews with doctors and morticians as well as news clips about the high death rate following the roll out of COVID ‘vaccines’. Heart attacks, myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, cancer, and other diseases not related to COVID are causing mass deaths across America. The video shows disturbing images of white, fibrous material being extracted from blood vessels of cadavers. Steve Kirsch offered to pay $2 million to anyone from any major academic medical center or government agency to answer questions on the record about vaccine safety and efficacy and analyze VAERS data, but no one has accepted his challenge. A chart shows the sharp decrease in fertility and birth rates across the Western world and Taiwan. Cases of miscarriage and stillborn babies rose dramatically upon the release of COVID injection campaigns. An estimated 68% of Americans have taken the jab.

Josh Guetzkow criticized the documentary for errors in counting cases in the segment on the military’s medical database as every office visit was counted instead of every diagnosis; there was an error in the decline in Australian birth rates that were under-counted and then updated later; a math error was made in the segment on Pfizer’s report to the FDA and miscarriage as it is unknown how many women were vaccinated. Guetskow says the case for using COVID vaccines deaths and reduced fertility by the elites will be unconvincing to people who are on the fence. He said that he felt that the opening montage that featured Bigfoot, UFOs and Jeffrey Epstein could discredit the film.

Warning: Extremely graphic — includes the extraction of blood clots from cadavers.

Link for video:   https://rumble.com/v1wac7i-world-premier-died-suddenly.html

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2 months ago

One has to be careful with this production by Stew Peters, according to this article https://jackanapes.substack.com/p/died-suddenly-is-typical-trash-from?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

And I rather agree.

Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
2 months ago

This documentary could use a little polishing regarding some of the facts and figures, but the overall thesis is consistent with what I believe to be happening with the plandemic. The images of 9/11, Bigfoot, WMDs in Iraq, etc. serve to reinforce the themes of psychological warfare and deception which continue to be deployed against us. Showing all of those feckless celebrities pushing the poison shots at the end of the film was a nice touch.

terry shead
terry shead
2 months ago

Very sad video, the words John O’Looney said at the end of the video, was spot on. The people have to come together and vanquish these monsters, corrupt media and gutless politicians, monsters like Soros and Blair. Wake up.