Holland: Masked Government Goons Kidnap Farmers and Protesters Against Great Reset

Government agents force protesters in a van while their masked guards protect them. Twitter video
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Shocking video from Amsterdam shows masked government goons dragging protesters into police vans. The protests are against the government for imposing a 50% reduction in nitrogen emissions by 2030, in accordance with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset. The government claims that livestock accounts for 40% of nitrogen emissions in the country and the mandate will shut down up to a third of livestock farmers, resulting in a collapse of farming and food production. Earlier this summer, police made mass arrests and even fired on peaceful protesters. Protests have spread to Spain, Italy, Poland, and Germany as their governments also have begun implementing nitrogen reduction policies.

Dutch authorities have begun carrying out “snatch and grab” policies against farmers protesting the government’s nitrogen reduction plan as mass uprisings against the Great Reset accelerate.

Shocking video from Amsterdam shows the government upping the ante against outraged farmers pushing back against its targeting of livestock and farmland, with masked government goons dragging protesters into police vans.

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4 months ago

First off these masked thugs need to be identified. Secondly, once identified the public needs to shun them and their families as members of a fifth column set on destroying society from within. This would mean complete ostracizing, having no contact or any social interactions of any kind with them or their families. They must be made to understand that their behaviors will not be tolerated by a civil society that values human freedom and dignity!

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
3 months ago
Reply to  Brad

Good luck on getting that done. I agree that is what is happening is tyranny at its worse. But the Dutch people won’t ever be able to identify most, if not any, of the government operatives, anymore than none of the Antifa thugs or FBI agents on Jan 6 in DC have been identified.