CNN’s Don Lemon Gets Schooled after Trying to Blame Hurricane Ian on Global Warming

Flooding from a hurricane, Unsplash
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CNN’s Don Lemon tried to blame Hurricane Ian on global warming, but National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Director Jamie Rohme said, “I don’t think you can link climate change to any one event. on a whole, on an accumulative, climate change may be making storms worse. But to link it to any one event, I would caution against that.” Despite data manipulation, hurricanes are not more frequent today than they were a century ago.

Tucker Carlson criticized the media for falsely claiming that hurricanes are happening more frequently and getting worse, in order to terrify people into handing politicians more power and money. The media is lying as there has been zero increase in the number of hurricanes from 1900 to 2020. Deaths due to natural disasters like hurricanes have dropped by 90%. The NOAA and even the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predict that hurricanes will become less frequent throughout the 21st century. Tucker Carlson points out the hypocrisy of the left for advocating open borders for the US due to global warming while defending China, the world’s largest polluter.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for CNN’s chief propagandist Don Lemon.

First, he was demolished by a British Royal commentator on the history of African slavery.

Then he got demoted to a daytime panel.

And this week Don got schooled in front of a national audience for blaming Hurricane Ian on global warming.

The NOAA Director Jamie Rohme was having none of it.

Don Lemon: Can you tell us what this is and climate change has on this phenomenon?

Jaime Rohme: We can come back and talk about climate change at a later time. I want to focus on the here and now…

Don Lemon: What effect does climate change have on this phenomenon that is happening now? Because it seems these storms are intensifying. That’s a question.

Jaime Rohme: I don’t think you can link climate change to any one event. on a whole, on an accumulative, climate change may be making storms worse. But to link it to any one event, I would caution against that.

Don Lemon got schooled again.

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Milton Farrow
Milton Farrow
4 months ago

Lemon is a slow learner, none of these CNN pukes gets the message when they are interviewing -He wont be there very long, the new owner is a no nonsense dude-Truth be told its the US Geo Engineering which is producing a greenhouse effect thereby using cloud clover with heavy metals to reflect the heat back
Wellsback cloud seeding a Raytheon patent-And all the state leaders have been subdued into submissive consent-That’s why the recent storms have been slo
aggressive and expansive -Ian covered nearly 80% of the state-Titusville took
two and one half feet of rain in 12 hours

Phillip Mezzapelle
Phillip Mezzapelle
4 months ago

What a hypocrite!! You want to talk about Global Warming, Climate Change and ecological damage? Go ahead. I will respect your opinion. But why isn’t any talking about the environmental consequences due to the sabatoge of the Nord Stream pipelines??

4 months ago

Who are the people that listen to Don Lemon or CNN, are there any? If there are, chances are they are vaxxed. So it seems Mr. Lemon has a dwindling audience that he helped cause.

Hans Geiger
Hans Geiger
4 months ago

Where do those human climate change idiots come from? Satan must have tickled their ear and brain. There is no man made climate change!