California Governor Newsom Vowed in 2008 to End Homelessness in 10 Years, But It Has Gotten Worse!

Newsom, Youtube
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California: Democrat Governor Newsom, who was the Mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011, appeared in a video dating back to 2008 in which he stated that he had a 10-year plan to build more homes to end chronic homelessness in his city. However, homelessness has exploded across the entire state due to government funding of bureaucracies that profit from homelessness and other bad policies.

California has a homelessness problem that is serious enough to make many impoverished Third-World countries blush.

This is far from a new problem, even though the scale of the situation has only increased in recent years.

Gov. Gavin Newsom even appeared in a video touting his plan for solutions to the state’s biggest black eye — 14 years ago.

The progressive corporatist was the mayor of San Francisco at the time.

In the video, Newsom outlined his solutions to the city’s problem with homelessness, pledging to build more housing. Housing shortages are continually cited as key to the unaffordable state’s homelessness crisis to this day.

In spite of an entire set of ever-growing local, state and federal programs, California’s homeless problem has only gotten discernibly worse, even as Newsom has ascended to higher office and continually been re-elected.

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness has tallied a steadily increasing homeless population in the state since 2010.

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4 months ago

That article title should be the battle cry, the repeatedly hammered statement by any non-marxist running for office.

Robert Douglas
Robert Douglas
4 months ago

Not enough housing is the wrong reason. The major reasons are drugs, inadequate education and poor child rearing. It takes care for people, not throwing money at the problem to solve it.

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
4 months ago

As a resident of CA, I can attest that Newsom is even a worse governor than Brown. I never thought I would find one so bad because I thought Brown was so very awful. But Newsom topped him.

I still live here because the climate is so good for my health, and I refuse to just jump ship rather than stay and fight. Rank and file Democrats all over the country are beginning to wake up. I pray this happens here.

Milton Farrow
Milton Farrow
4 months ago

Newsome you are “gruesome”-Your in laws “loved your policies so much they escaped to Naples — But alas They Have your Luck They are most likely homeless because Naples must be under water!