Unbelievable News Out of Spain — Air Conditioning Cut in the Height of Summer

Flag of Spain, Pixabay
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Spain’s socialist government is actually imposing a decree that bans air conditioning below 27°C (80.6°F) in all public and commercial places including airports, public transport, restaurants, cinemas and more. The energy cut is said to reduce dependence on Russian gas and oil by only 7%. The new policy is now being “recommended” for households, and is likely to become mandatory in homes at some point. The government is going ahead despite violating a labor law which states the temperature can be no higher than 25°C (77ºF).

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3 months ago

Then who would want to visit Spain? So much for tourist money helping with economic activity.

Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
3 months ago

It’s amusing to see the system’s “laws” to become so ridiculously complicated that they start to conflict with the other laws. The labor laws say that the temp can’t be over 77 degrees but the new let’s-start-a-fight-with-Russia law says that you can’t run your air conditioner. Why don’t we just eliminate all of these idiotic nanny-state laws and let people set their thermostat at whatever temp they like? If it’s too cold or too hot for you, then go somewhere else.