Financial Expert Reports Massive Uptick in Disability Claims Since COVID Vaccine Rollout

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Financial expert and former BlackRock analyst Edward Dowd said that the Department of Labor’s monthly household employment survey revealed that 3 million people have been added to their records as being disabled. He said that the baseline number of disabled Americans was about 29 million people over the past 5 years, until 2021, when an additional 3 million people were added following the COVID vaccines rollout and mandates. The extra 3 million people means there was a 10% increase in disabled people, which is about 1% of the total population in one year!

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Ragnar D
Ragnar D
1 month ago

Vaccine injuries are obviously contributing to the increase in the disabled population, but the increase may also be a sign of the overall deterioration of the economy. It has been described as “the medicalization of poverty” when people who can’t make ends meet rationalize that they must be “disabled” rather than lazy, incompetent, or something else. Also, many of the disability claims are for MENTAL disability which would be consistent with the plentiful psychological warfare being waged against us in recent times.