Within Days of Macron’s ‘Stolen’ Re-Election, France Rolled Out Digital ID

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Emmanuel Macron was re-elected as the President of France, despite being very unpopular and evidence of election fraud. Within two days of Macron’s victory, France introduced an app, the “Digital Identity Guarantee Service” (“SGIN”), that will include last name, first name, date of birth, photograph, postal address and e-mail address. The SGIN will connect to Twitter, Facebook or any other social exchange platform. Critics believe the app will be used as a tool for social control similar to China’s social credit program. The French government previously admitted that the use of a “vaccine passport” was in fact a “disguised” vaccine mandate intended to make it difficult for non-vaccinated people to function in society and bend the people to the government’s will. The European Union as a whole is planning to introduce their digital identity application sometime this year.

Despite obvious resistance, within days of Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, France began progressing with the fourth dose of Covid injections for everyone and introduced a “digital identity assurance” app.

The European Union (“EU”) as a whole is planning to introduce their digital identity application sometime this year to enable people to enjoy the “greater flexibility ideal for post-pandemic life.”

However, a mere two days after his victory over Marine Le Pen, Macron launched a new law compliant with Brussels’ demands – the creation of the “Digital Identity Guarantee Service” (“SGIN”) which will allow French citizens to have a digital identity card in compliance with the EU Commission’s European Digital Identity package.

The move sparked the fury of Les Patriotes leader Florian Philippot who called on French voters to fight against the new legislation, he tweeted:

“Just after the election, the government announces the launch of ‘a digital identity application’!  The goal: to put social credit in the Chinese way. control and surveillance company!  Let’s totally reject this application and fight by any means!”

And other French citizens also took to Twitter to voice their disapproval:

“One more step towards absolute control of citizens.”

“It’s all starting to get very dystopian… The SGIN to connect to Twitter, Facebook or any other social exchange platform.”

“What is optional and trivial at the beginning will be essential and cumbersome in the long term. Resist!”

“In France for the moment, soon the same everywhere.”

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terry shead
terry shead
6 months ago

One answer, just say No. F your slavery, Wake up people, everything is rigged.