76′ Gas-Station Chain Reprograms Washington State Pumps For $10 A Gallon

The pumps at the gas station chain “76” in Washington state are being reprogrammed to accommodate $10 a gallon and even higher as the summer driving season begins amid tight fuel supplies. 76’s move for double-digit prices comes as JPMorgan’s commodity strategist warned that the national average for gas can rise another 37% by August to around $6.20. Since much of the West Coast is priced above the national average, this may suggest double-digit prices could be seen in some areas.

Gas station pumps in Washington state are being reprogrammed to accommodate $10 a gallon and even higher as the summer driving season begins amid tight fuel supplies, according to a report.

The Post Millennial has learned gas station chain “76” has reprogrammed its pumps to include double-digit numbers in “price per gallon” at Washington state gas stations.

A 76 spokesperson confirmed to The Post Millennial they added an extra digit to pumps, noting the change doesn’t necessarily imply the company was anticipating prices above $10 a gallon.

The 76 gas station in Auburn, Washington, located at 1725 Auburn Way North, is one of the stations that has had reprogrammed pumps. It also sells high-octane race fuel, which tends to be more expensive, though the special fuel is sold at separate pumps than regular, plus, premium, and diesel.

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Jon Higley
Jon Higley
1 year ago

Living only a few miles from this particular city where the 76 gas station is, and, knowing the family who owns that particular station in that city because they used to sponsor our jet car project with donations of fuel for testing it, I can assure you that this particular gas station did it to ONE pump that provides high octane gasoline for high performance sports cars that have costs in the potential range that might get to $10/gallon this summer. Therefore, no regular street vehicles would have any reason to use this fuel and the MSM has run with… Read more »

Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
1 year ago

It’s interesting how doubling the supply of dollars somehow roughly doubled the prices of gasoline, food, and houses as well. I remember a few years ago hearing some politician suggest that deficits don’t matter even if it’s a few trillion dollars more. Some astute observer then suggested that if printing a few trillion dollars doesn’t matter, then why not just print 330 trillion more dollars and make every American a millionaire?

Jon Nellis
Jon Nellis
1 year ago
Reply to  Ragnar D.

LOL, they did that in 2008, to big to fail, martial law, and rather than put 50,000 in every working Americans pocket and the smart ones would be out of debt, they gave it to the thieves who shorted the market in the first place.