Australian Govt. Builds Quarantine Facilities – Officials Say Jab is Golden Ticket to Freedom

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The Government of Australia is building a ‘mandatory quarantine accommodation’ which is set to open its first phase in early 2022. The camp will be called the Center for National Resilience, and government officials are calling the jab a golden “ticket to freedom.” Police officers accompanied by the military have already gone into people’s homes and taken them away as they conduct random “welfare checks” and respond to tips about “rule-breakers”. So far, they are mostly taken to confinement hotels, but some have gone to an already functioning Vax-entration camp in the northern part of the country. A government website claimed that the facility will “improve compliance”. A video has surfaced of police spraying children with pepper spray and arresting them for refusing to wear masks. -GEG

In late 2019, before the China-virus was known to the world, very few – if any – people could have even imagined that a civilized western nation would be building facilities that government thugs would be forcing citizens into against their will.

Well, a year-and-a-half later, that’s exactly where we are.

It didn’t take long in 1938 Germany, either.

The Government of Australia will be building what they call a “mandatory quarantine accommodation” which is set to open its first phase in “early 2022.” This will be the second of such facilities in the country and when it is finished it will be able to hold up to 3,000 in isolation as they quarantine.

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10 months ago

Australia has really becoming so Tyrannical and now Digital Vaccine Passports being rolled out this will then blackmailing those to comply with these Experimental Gene Therapy inoculations with no guarantee of what will happen even a year from now from Antibody-dependent Enhancement, Serious Adverse Reactions and Death. Why would anyone willing to put their life on the line with a Virus that has over 99.97% recovery rate.

I wonder your Asymptomatic with Covid 19 even with the Delta Variant do you still end up with Immunity?