UK: 87% of Adults Have at Least one Covid Jab. Vaccine Passports Due in Fall.

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England is set to lift most of its remaining Covid restrictions on July 19, which will allow mass gatherings and opening of night clubs. More than 95% of those over-50 have been vaccinated compared to 76% of those 30-34. To boost vaccine rates even further, the government is planning to require vaccine passports with proof of either two jabs or a recent negative test for people to enter pubs, bars or restaurants in the autumn. An app from the NHS has been introduced for contact tracing, and more than 26-million Britons have downloaded it, more than half the country. People now are being pinged and warned to stay at home and self-isolate after coming into contact with someone who has been tested positive with COVID-19, eben though the tests now are acknowledged to be worthless. Self-isolating is voluntary at this time.

A new poll shows that a high percentage of Brits believe a number of lockdown restrictions should stay in place “permanently”, including nighttime curfews (19%), travel quarantine (35%), and face masks (a whopping 40%!). The poll underscores the success of terrifying the British public into subservience at the same time as scientists admit exaggerating the risk of COVID and using “mind control” tactics to make people more fearful than they should be. -GEG

  • The government hopes Covid passports will encourage vaccine-shy young people to get jabbed.
  • By September, all adults over 18 should have been offered both vaccine doses, required for the passports.
  • Patrons will need to show proof of either two vaccine doses or a recent negative test.

This comes amid a reduction in the vaccine take-up, with first doses dropping below 100,000 a day for the first time since April.

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terry shead
terry shead
1 year ago

I don’t believe this number 87%, lies, these people who have had the vaxx must be mad? uk