Democrat ‘Infrastructure’ Package to Eliminate Single-Family Neighborhoods

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A new set of laws inside the the Infrastructure Package aims to destroy suburbs via a measure that would put the federal government in charge of local zoning laws that would allow multi-family and apartment units to be built in single-family zoned areas. This would change local demographics and impact the already purple voting districts. Democrats recently used ‘reconciliation’ to side-step Republicans in the Senate and passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act coronavirus relief package with a simple majority vote and without Republican support. They are threatening to do the same with this infrastructure bill. Collectivists are pushing for a wish list that could top $6-trillion and includes universal child care, lowering of Medicare eligibility age, a permanent extension of the child tax credit. They proposed to pay for roughly $3-trillion of its proposal, mostly through tax increases on the wealthiest Americans – knowing full well that the VERY wealth will have loopholes to avoid it altogether. -GEG

Democrats plan to federalize local zoning laws within the infrastructure reconciliation package to displace single-family homes with high-rise, low-income apartments to impact the already purple suburbs.

The reconciliation package plans to implement the destruction of the suburbs via a measure within the package called the “HOMES Act,” which attempts put the federal government in charge of local zoning laws to change local demographics, impacting the already purple voting districts.

According to the measure within the transportation package, any local government that does not comply with the federal zoning guidelines, meaning “ordinances that ban apartment buildings from certain residential areas or set a minimum lot size for a single family home,” the Department of House and Urban Development (HUD) will cut off funding to that city – funding any city needs to maintain their current low-income housing.

Additional consequences for cities keeping their local zoning laws in place would be to punish states by prohibiting them from “receiving taxpayer funded transportation grants of any kind if they refuse to allow high-rise apartments throughout their high density zoning in their suburbs.”

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1 year ago

Agenda 21/2030

Linda M Meyer
Linda M Meyer
1 year ago

Awful, most of us have worked long & hard to have our homes…thank you biden for destroying our America !!!!!