The Other Wuhan Nobody Is Talking About that Has Led to Mass Death and Destruction

The media is now pushing the story that COVID-19 was born in a lab in Wuhan, China, but the pandemic has been faked. Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport says the phony pandemic is being used as a cover story to convert deadly fentanyl opioid drugs that have killed hundreds of thousands of Americans into into a “vital COVID medication.” Wuhan ships fentanyl out to dealers all over the world.

Rappoport makes the case that opioids that cause breathing problems were used as a COVID medication along with ventilators, and were utilized to intentionally kill off elderly patients. More than 97% of older patients, in a sample from New York, died when put on ventilators.

This article takes off from the work of investigative reporter, Whitney Webb. [1] Much of what I’m laying out here confirms her exposure of “the other Wuhan.” [1a] Webb writes at Unlimited Hangout and The Last American Vagabond. [1b]

When I put together Webb’s findings with my own COVID research, startling new dimensions of the false “pandemic” story come to light.

Who would have thought that, in less than a year, the image of the opioid drug, fentanyl, would undergo a face lift, enhancing it from “most destructive killer drug in the world” to “lifesaver in the treatment of COVID patients?”

And if this PR miracle is not a sufficient stunner, it just so happens that Opioid Central for illegally trafficking fentanyl to the planet is Wuhan, now the focus of claims that COVID was born in a lab there.

(Fake) pandemic transforms fentanyl into “vital COVID medication.”

(Fake) pandemic starts in Wuhan.

Wuhan is the city where killer drug fentanyl is shipped out to dealers all over the world.

High-level operators, focusing on Wuhan, manage to obscure, from the broad public, the city’s global role in killing millions of people with opioids…by claiming a pandemic was born in Wuhan. “The ONLY thing you have to know about Wuhan is the virus broke out there.”

This has the earmarks of a highly successful cover story.

Here’s a prime illustration of fentanyl’s PR facelift:

NJ [New Jersey] Spotlight News, April 14, 2020, “No Longer a Scourge, Fentanyl Is Now Most-Needed Drug in COVID-19 War.” [2]

“…fentanyl, one of the drugs given to patients so they can withstand the pain of having a breathing tube inserted, is in short supply along with a handful of other crucial drugs.”

“The first wave of critical shortages exposed by the coronavirus was medical masks and gowns. Then it was ventilators. Now, a handful of crucial drugs are in short supply in overrun ICUs throughout northern New Jersey and New York City, many of which are needed to use the ventilators.”

“At the top of the list is fentanyl, the deadly synthetic painkiller — 100 times more powerful than morphine — the very drug that has become public enemy No. 1 in the nation’s war on opioid addiction. Demand for fentanyl has doubled nationwide and shot up more than 500% in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan region, the current global epicenter of the pandemic.”

“Fentanyl may have been killing people in record numbers on the streets of New Jersey in recent years, but in our hospitals, it is now saving lives.”

“Demand for fentanyl is followed by Propofol, a sedative also used with ventilators, according to Soumi Saha, Premier’s senior director of advocacy…Close behind those two is a new category of drugs to face shortages — neuromuscular blockers, which are also being used for ventilator patients because they keep them from involuntarily coughing on the healthcare worker inserting the vent tube.”

“During normal times, patients stay on ventilators for three or four days. Now, not only has the number of ventilated patients spiked, but the time they remain on the device is two to three weeks.”

I gave you an extended quote from that New Jersey article, because I’ll cover the real story behind ventilators later in this piece.

Right now, here are a few references pointing to Wuhan as Opioid Central., May 12, 2020, “Wuhan’s other epidemic,” [3] Christopher F. Rufo: “…many don’t know that Wuhan is also the source of another deadly epidemic: America’s fentanyl overdoses… Over the past decade, Wuhan has emerged as the global headquarters for fentanyl production. The city’s chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers hide production of the drug within their larger, licit manufacturing operations, then ship it abroad using deliberately mislabeled packaging, concealment techniques, and a complex network of forwarding addresses. According to a recent ABC News report, ‘huge amounts of these mail-order [fentanyl] components can be traced to a single, state-subsidized company in Wuhan.’”

Read full article here…

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3 years ago

STOP!!!!!! It was NOT ‘born’ in a lab in China!!! It WAS BORN in a Lab in the USA!!!!! Thank Fraud-Fauci for it too!!! And when Barry Davis (aka Obama) CUT OFF Fraud-Fauci’s FUNDING………it was THEN, that Fraud-Fauci MOVED the ‘Big, Bad Virus’ to a LAB IN CHINA!!!!!!

3 years ago

And the chinese used this as a frontal attack to help get Trump out of office.
Our NEXT POTUS will be Ron DeSantis. You heard it here first.

Bill Goode
Bill Goode
3 years ago

Dr Judy Mikovits has explained that Fauci started creating Covid-19 at Fort Detrick, NC. When things got too hot for him there (creating a bioweapon at Fort Detrick), Fauci had the project transfered to Wuhan.

3 years ago

so many people both in these comments and many other sources on the internet claim various things about the “Origin” of coronavirus. STOP The problem is that the virus has never been identified in the first place. All other claims are unequivocally meaningless until you have empirical evidence of the contagious particle. It is known as a false premise. If a premise cannot be shown to be true or is shown to be false, all other claims that follow are VOID. No virus has been identified in a way that satisfies either Kochs nor Rivers postulates. See Dr Andrew Kaufman,… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Jim

Exactly, so what or why were all those people getting sick from? It wasn’t COVID virus that couldn’t be tested. The regular flu, and then patients were given fentanyl to make a serious disease that killed people when ventilated. Cruelest way to fix social security. Then depopulate all the rest with a mRNA vaccine. Look up Agenda 21/30. It’s all there. Well, I hope it’s going to backfire on them soon.

terry shead
terry shead
3 years ago

I follow Jon, he tells the truth not the bullsh-t you get from the corrupt government and media.

3 years ago

I can only imagine the horror experienced by these elderly people as the “well-intentioned” hospital staff immobilized them and slowly, painfully, killed them off. We can do better than this!