Police Ignore Three Incidents of BLM and Antifa Members Threatening Citizens with Guns in Cities Across the US Last Week

Screenshot of BLM militant with firearm in Portland, Youtube
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Last Thursday, armed BLM and Antifa agitators in Portland, some carrying AK-47 and AR-15 firearms, shut down a road, beat a man who exited his truck, and stole his gun. He was taken to the hospital. The rioters smashed out windows of another vehicle. Police made no arrests.

In Louisville, Kentucky, BLM militants harassed diners in an upscale restaurant; a diner and BLM members were both photographed brandishing firearms, according to police. And in Plano, Texas, a group of BLM belligerents shut down a road on Friday night and pointed a gun at a motorist who confronted the mob. The leftists later doxxed the frustrated driver. No arrests have been made in any of the three gun-related threats, according to reports.

Portland, Oregon: warning — strong language:

Joe Hall, a Portland man, stood up to protestors on Thursday, and wound up with severe injuries for his trouble. He is now recovering in hospital and has spoken with the press.

“Antifa owns the streets of Portland. The consequence for standing up for yourself is a trip to the hospital, a large medical bill, and widespread mockery on social media,” says Ian Michael Cheong.

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Louisville Kentucky:

Plano, Texas:

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