Biden’s $2-Trillion “American Jobs Plan” Will Kill Jobs, Raise Taxes, and Enforce Green New Deal Policies

Ocasio-Cortez and Markey introduced the Green New Deal in 2019. Youtube
Joe Biden rolled out a $2.25-trillion “American Jobs Plan” for infrastructure, and Republicans were quick to identify it as the implementation of climate change policies via the Green New Deal that was proposed by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Edwin Markey in 2019. While the proposal claims to be an infrastructure bill, only about about $157-billion, or 6% of the total spending, will used for roads, bridges and airports. More money, $174-billion, would be spent on building “500,000 electric vehicle charging stations” and “electrify 20% of school buses and electrify the federal fleet”. The single biggest chunk of the plan, $400-billion will be allocated to ‘caregiving’, such as child care and public health care, even though they are not physical infrastructure. Congressman Steve Scalise said that the bill raises taxes, increases debt, bans right to work laws, kills energy jobs, and mandates Green New Deal provisions. To fund the plan, Biden is proposing a corporate tax-rate of 28%, which will cause more businesses to leave the US and ship jobs overseas. Income tax will increase for individuals and families who make over $400,000. -GEG

President Biden rolled out a $2 trillion “American Jobs Plan” focused on infrastructure and climate change, and Republicans immediately decried it as the Green New Deal warmed over. Even an iconic liberal magazine agreed it had a lot of similarities to progressives’ signature but controversial climate blueprint.

According to a fact sheet released by the White House, the plan spends $621 billion in “transportation infrastructure and resilience.” The funding would be applied to repairing roads and bridges, “modernizing public transit” and making improvements to airports, waterways and ports. A substantial portion of that infrastructure funding, $174 billion, would be applied toward propping up the electric vehicle market in the U.S.

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15 days ago

My elders used to say that the ( D ) is all about TAX & SPEND. Now you can add in LIE & CONTROL. How much does Bye-then pay in taxes and how much does he donate to charity. Obama used to donate almost NOTHING when he was invading the WH.