Pennsylvania: 40 Teachers and Staff from 5 Schools Called in Sick Following Covid Vaccine Jabs

Pennsylavia: A Montgomery County school district was shut down for a day earlier this month when 40 teachers and school staff struggled with illness after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. Another school district in the Montgomery County pre-emptively shut its doors to in-person learning on a Monday, knowing that many of its staff members were receiving the shot over the weekend. The article listed vaccine side effects that included flu-like fever, headache, chills, body aches, general fatigue, “and more.” No details were given about what the additional “and more” side effects are. Governor Tom Wolf hopes all school employees are vaccinated by the end of March. -GEG

A Montgomery County school district was shut down on Friday as teachers dealt with side effects from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

At least 40 staff members from five different schools within the Upper Perkiomen School District called out sick on Friday, officials said.

“There will not be adequate staff or substitutes to provide instruction and coverage in classrooms,” Superintendent Allyn J. Roche said in a message to the district community. “A virtual day is not possible given the number of staff members that are unable to teach due to feeling unwell, and no asynchronous work has been planned for tomorrow.”

The closure was a “functional closure,” and there was no online learning.

It’s not the first time that side effects caused a closure in the county this week. The North Penn School District pre-emptively shut its doors to in-person learning Monday, knowing that many of its staff members were receiving the shot over the weekend.

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1 month ago

Send your kids / grandkids to private, Christian, Parochial schools. It’s a big expense but their minds are worth it. Break the NEA and AFT. They are communist infested.