Principal of New York School Demands Parents Become “White Traitors”

The principal of the East Side Community School for students from the 6th to 12th grade, recently sent white parents a manifesto that calls on them to become “white traitors” and advocate “white abolition.” Wikipedia identified Mark Federman as the school’s principal. According to a chart sent out by Federman, there are “8 white identities,” which range from “white supremacist” to “white abolition.” Accompanying text, previously circulated by left-wing extremists, demands that white people “subvert white authority,” “dismantle institutions,” dismantle whiteness, and not allow whiteness to reassert itself. Teaching of racism has become commonplace in American schools as children now are taught that the white race is intrinsically evil. [A deeper analysis of this issue leads to awareness that teaching racism – no matter what race is the target – is part of the globalist scheme to cause the target race (in this case, the white race) to recoil in anger against other races. Divide and conquer is the end game of this strategy. Don’t fall for it.] -GEG

The principal of East Side Community School in New York sent white parents a manifesto that calls on them to become “white traitors” and advocate for full “white abolition.”

“This is the new language of public education,” tweeted Christopher F. Rufo along with an image showing “the 8 white identities,” which range from “white supremacist” to “white abolition.”

The accompanying text, which has been circulated before by left-wing extremists, defines the behavior white people must practice in order to put an end to “the regime of whiteness.”

The two final stages, “white traitor” and “white abolitionist,” demands that white people “subvert white authority,” “dismantle institutions,” dismantle whiteness and not allow whiteness to reassert itself.

As Glenn Greenwald pointed out, this is yet another example of how political correctness isn’t about “just being nice to people” as progressives constantly claim.

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18 days ago

Powerful comment ! “Don’t Fall for it” .

Ian Bruce Moore
Ian Bruce Moore
17 days ago

Yes. Its from the Marxist play book. Divide your enemy then conquer them before moving on to the next target.

Cathy Kirk
Cathy Kirk
17 days ago

I think this should be viewed as the evidence to prove how education is being used to segregate children and families within their communities. If I received something like this from my child’s school I would immediately withdraw them. Further proof of indoctrination can also be witnessed in the outlandish behaviour s and decision making of many of the politicians and elites running the country at the moment. I’m from the UK and unless you haven’t noticed the same is happening here—-it’s bloody frightening.