Plot to Use COVID to Radically Change Our Food and Cause Shortages Is Revealed

A new study claims pigs were infected with the COVID-19 virus, which sets the stage for mass culls of our food supply in the name of zoonotic threats, which means that a disease that can be transmitted between different species. Denmark set a precedent in killing all animals reported to be infected with COVID-19 by culling 17 million mink. Japan killed off two million chickens using the bird flu as an excuse. The UK has banned outdoor chickens under guise of “bird flu” biosecurity. The CEO for the Bill Gates-funded Impossible Foods that produces meat substitutes said that all food animals will be obsolete by 2035. The establishment is making a direct attack on our food supply and whittling away at real, healthy protein production. People are urged to plan now to produce their own protein foods.

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3 months ago

And with probably a 90% ‘compliance’ to a ‘guideline’, I would have at one time asked; ‘When will people get it’?

But now I realize, they never will, until perhaps all hope is lost and they’re hungry and get told; ‘Food for vaxx’

Driving around today I realized there’s no reason to hope, only to fight if that time comes, or simply pack up and leave, because it IS done here.

And no, Trump won’t save you, Biden won’t save you, and the virus is a hoax.