How China-Backed American Communists Use Minority Groups to Flip States to Blue

Steve McClure creates maps to target minorities, Youtube
Trevor Louden explains how Virginia, once a deeply conservative Republican state, became controlled by left-wing Democrats. The Chinese have communist networks in America who are US citizens but owe their loyalty to China. They register hundreds of thousands of minorities and then get them to the polls for elections.

New Virginia Majority was founded by Jon Liss, an old Maoist who was involved with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. He is involved with Liberation Road, which Liss has turned into a powerhouse by focusing on immigrants and minorities, targeting them in door-to-door voter registration drives. Trevor does an excellent job of explaining exactly how this is working. -GEG

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Tom Ball
Tom Ball
12 days ago

Jon Liss was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1958, and is of eastern European Jewish heritage. His father, an architect, relocated the family to Falls Church, Virginia. [4] From 1979 to 1980, he organized the African-American Studies department while he was a student at the University of Virginia. He graduated from the university with a B.A. in History. [5] After he graduated from the University of Virginia, he said, “I did not want a corporate job.” So, he went to work as a driver for the Falls Church Yellow Cab Company. Liss was the elected leader of a taxi… Read more »

Tom Ball
Tom Ball
12 days ago

Yes, the communist Chinese would like to take over. But they wouldn’t be able to without the inside assistance of Zionist traitors like Dr Fauci, the Bidens, the Clintons etc. They are all cashing in on the globalist agenda of the Zionist mob that espouses a belief that they have a “G-d” given right to rule the world…..with a “rod of iron”, no less. These people blame whites in Europe the US and everywhere for all their centuries of “persecution” and “anti-Semitism” the same way the blacks blame whitey (If you’re white, THIS MEANS YOU!) for slavery and all the… Read more »

Darby O'Gill
Darby O'Gill
9 days ago
Reply to  Tom Ball

All very true……but their main goal has always been to destroy Christianity. They hate Jesus so much they won’t use His name in the Talmud and instead refer to Him as the Nazarene and to us as the ‘followers of the Nazarene”.

12 days ago

The civil war is not very far off.

Jean Boyd
Jean Boyd
7 days ago

I used Lyft Taxi Service before the election. I said to the Lyft driver, “So are you voting for Trump?” He said “No, I can’t, I have to vote Democrat.” He said he came here from somewhere in Africa and has agreed that his family will vote Democrat. He said his parents have a beautiful home nearby. This is in WA state. I wanted to know more and I was disgusted but did not push the issue. He seemed so normal with it. It seemed as though he was proud of what he was doing.