Trump Signs $2.3-Trillion Covid-19 Bailout Bill That Also Squelches Free Speech

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President Trump signed the corona bailout/foreign aid/copyright-trolling extortion package he labeled a “disgrace” just days earlier. Trump acted like he was going to veto the bill but caved as he has done many times before. In 2018, after signing the horrendous omnibus bill, Trump said: “I will never sign a bill like this again.” The new bill includes $1.4-trillion to fund government agencies through September. Tens of billions are earmarked for war and regime change abroad. Another element of the bill is that it turns the felony streaming bill and the CASE Act into law that aids copyright extortion rackets that shake down accidental and minor infringement. Anti-corruption Internet publishers, such as Need to Know News, could find themselves facing $30,000 fines for accidentally using a news photo or quoting something in a news article that is restricted by copyright.

President Trump on Sunday signed the corona bailout/foreign aid/copyright-trolling extortion package he rightly labeled a “disgrace” just days earlier. He did so after spending the day golfing at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach.

From the AP:

“President Donald Trump has signed a $900 billion pandemic relief package that will deliver long-sought cash to businesses and individuals. It also averts a government shutdown.

“Trump announced the signing in a statement Sunday night.

“The massive bill includes $1.4 trillion to fund government agencies through September and contains other end-of-session priorities such as money for cash-starved transit systems and an increase in food stamp benefits.

“Democrats are promising more aid to come once President-elect Joe Biden takes office, but Republicans are signaling a wait-and-see approach.”

“As I reported last week, the 5593-page package gives $500,000,000 million to Israel (on top of the $38 billion in the NDAA) and only $600 to individual Americans.”

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1 year ago

Trump has been a Paper Tiger ever since he moved into the Oval Orifice, if not before. Totally compromised.

1 year ago

The government budget bills are more dysfunctional than ever!

1 year ago

I told my wife that we needed to be in Switzerland 12 years ago. There is no saving this nation.