The Statistical Improbability of Biden Winning More Votes than Trump


Steve Cortes lays out four cases of statistical irregularities that provide more than enough reasonable suspicion to require hand recounts and immediate investigation into fraudulent activities. The voter turnout is suspect as Wisconsin had 90% voter turnout, which is too high to be plausible. The breakouts higher for Biden relative to Obamaā€™s performances in key areas simply do not seem credible. Reports indicate that 450,000 Biden-only ballots were cast, meaning the voter allegedly selected Biden but then neglected down-ballot candidates, including closely-contested Senate and House races. Democratic governors clamored for massive amounts of mail-in voting, knowing full well that most states would become overwhelmed.

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DensePose, developed by Meta/Facebook, can detect the pose of humans in a room based solely on the WiFi signals passing through the environment. Nearly a third of Gen Z favor the installation of government surveillance cameras in homes.

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