Swiss Patient and Israeli Man Die Shortly after Receiving COVID Vaccine

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Earlier this month, Israeli news reported that a 75-year old man with a history of heart attacks died from cardiac arrest two hours after receiving the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Authorities in the Swiss Canton of Lucerne reported that one of the first people in the country to receive the vaccine has died. Whether his death was caused by the inoculation hasn’t been disclosed. -GEG

After an Israeli man reportedly died just 2 hours after receiving his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, authorities in the Swiss Canton of Lucerne said on Wednesday that one of the first people in the country to receive the vaccine has died, though whether his death had anything to do with the inoculation hasn’t yet been determined.

The canton has yet to release any additional details about the exact amount of time that passed between the inoculation and the man’s death.

Lucerne was the site of the first vaccinations in Switzerland beginning last week, with a shot from Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech given primarily to elderly people. Switzerland has received 107K vaccine doses, so far, and expects to get 250K per month starting next year.

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1 year ago

I think there has been enough information about the contents of these vaccines to scare thinking people away.

1 year ago

If “I” get any shot, I want a Heineken chaser. Thank you VERY much.