Nurse Says Covid-19 Vaccine Paralyzed her Face

Khalilah Mitchell, Bitchute
Nashville, Tennessee: In this video, Khalilah Mitchell identifies herself as a registered nurse and says she developed Bells Palsy three days after she took the Covid-19 vaccine. Bells Palsy is neurological damage that paralyzes one side of the face. She says those who are pushing the vaccine do not care about us, and she implores everyone to reject it. -GEG
Click here to play Khalilah’s video.

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4 months ago

Regarding the nurse who ‘got’ Bells Palsy as a ‘side effect’ of her CV vaccine:
There is no such thing as a ‘side’ effect, only effects. She had a stroke, brain damage, an EFFECT of the toxins in the vaccine! Wake up people! Just say NO!

4 months ago

MMS Master Mineral Solution. I keep looking for her original video to reach out, but find mirrors. It may be touted as a bleach therapy to steer clear of but has helped many humans. I take it myself!
Jim Humble has a book of protocols for many ailments even one on pre vaccination if you must get one. With true freedom comes great personal responsibility. Information Tempered with wisdom. I wish us all the best as we run the gauntlet.