Dr. Brad Weeks Explains the Risk and Potential Dangers of Taking the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Brad Weeks is a highly credentialed innovator in the field of holistic medicine. He was mentored by the father of orthomolecular psychiatry, Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD. He is an expert in nutritional therapies, a specialist in psychiatry, and has helped people safely wean off psychiatric medications. Read his full bio here.

Here is a bullet-point summary of his recent analysis of the new COVID-19 vaccines and his reasons for advising against accepting them:

1.  The vaccine studies are faulty and designed to make them succeed.

2.  Only 0.6% of people worldwide are at risk of dying from Covid-19, so it is not therapeutic to vaccinate the masses.

3.  RNA vaccines will forever alter recipients’ DNA.

4.  No mRNA vaccine has ever before been licensed for human use.

5.  Due to inadequate testing, serious side effects are unknown.

6.  The vaccines are introducing a never before tested nanotechnology into the recipient’s body.

7.  All vaccines have additives that increase risk for serious side effects including incurable auto-immune illnesses.

8.  Researchers have the ability to track recipients through vaccine additives.

9.  Leaders who appear to be vaccinated on camera may be fooling the public.

10. American children’s health has plunged since the enormous increase in required vaccines, currently set at 74 vaccines before the age of 20. The rate of autism is 7.6x more for kids who were vaccinated compared to kids who were not vaccinated. One in 12 American children have asthma, and 1 in 13 have food allergies that can trigger a severe auto-immune reaction to the vaccine.

11. Vaccine testing is scandalous in its pro-vaccine bias. For example, the study for the two hepatitis B vaccines that are approved for one-day-old children only looked at reactions for four days, therefore, injuries from the vaccine after four days were not considered during testing.

12. According to RFK, Jr, some vaccines have been tested against a toxic placebo, known as a ‘spiked placebo’ to make the vaccine appear to be non-harmful.

13. The testing for Covid-19 is inaccurate, and data from the media is meaningless. The false positive PCR test results now approach 100%.

14. Scientific information available to scientists is limited.

15. Bias is everywhere (especially the media).

16. Experts are compromised with conflicts of interest.

Dr. Weeks recommends enhancing your immune system (whether you decide to take the vaccine, or not). -GEG


“Dr. Weeks, What is are your thoughts about the COVID vaccine which some legislators propose be mandatory?” (https://www.fox5ny.com/news/new-york-legislation-would-make-covid-19-vaccination-mandatory)

I get this question multiple times each day so I want to clarify my thoughts now for your and your loved ones’ consideration.

The more one studies the science of vaccinations, the more one is suspect of the current offering, the COVID-19 mRNA.

(Best resource for getting a clear understanding of the pros and cons of vaccines is http://www.nvic.org)

Before we focus on the vaccine itself, let’s consider the recipient: YOU! The outcome of any therapeutic intervention depends upon two factors: the health and vitality as well as the vulnerabilities of the recipient (i.e. the recipient’s of ability to utilize the therapeutic suggestions inherent in the vaccine) and the pros and cons of the therapy, in this case the vaccine.

Otherwise stated, not everyone will respond identically to an identical vaccine. So any wise doctor would advise you NOW to take action to optimize your lifestyle choices and enhance you immune function. Sadly none of the experts are suggesting that you be proactive; instead you are all encouraged to passively rely upon a novel and unproven vaccine whose study designs were faulty. Even Forbes magazine revealed the following about the designs of the COVID vaccine studies: they were designed to succeed!

Given the fact that enhancing our own immune function is always the wisest strategy, it’s important to understand for whom this vaccine is appropriate and for whom it is contraindicated.


Since the goal of vaccine is to prevent sickness and death related to the COVID-19 virus, and since the majority of people worldwide (less that 0.6%) are NOT at significant risk of suffering and dying from COVID, it is logical and therapeutic to NOT offer the vaccine to the great majority of humanity. Does that logic surprise you?

“ According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the overall mortality rate for the new SARS coronavirus causing COVID-19 is about 0.6 percent, 5 although some scientists say it is lower, 6 while others estimate it can be as high as one to two percent in some parts of the world. 7 Compared to Ebola with a 50 percent mortality rate 8or smallpox, at 30 percent; tuberculosis at 20 to 70 percent; 10 diphtheria at 5 to 10 percent; 11 or the 1918 influenza pandemic with a 2.5 percent mortality rate, 12 COVID-19 is near the bottom of the infectious diseases mortality scale with a less one percent mortality rate in most countries.” https://www.nvic.org/nvic-vaccine-news/september-2020/vaccination-whats-trust-got-to-do-with-it.aspx

Children, for example, are almost entirely resistant to death from COVID as are adults under the age of 70 – save those with compromised hemoglobin (oxygen carrying capacity) such as diabetics, coagulation disorders and those with underlying respiratory illnesses (pneumonia, COPD, asthma and allergies). Also, those with frailty due to advanced age are vulnerable and need protection.

Sad to say, this irrefutable logic (i.e. don’t give a vaccines to people who don’t need it) fails to convince most vaccine advocates who, for the past 20 years have been endorsing the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth –  even though the benefit of this vaccine is specifically designed to prevent sexually transmitted illness – something a newborn does not concern itself with for at least a decade or two hence. Of course, the alleged protection of this vaccine does not persist over the decades, so this is a nonsensical vaccine for newborns and furthermore, it harms far more than it helps.


Now let’s look at the vaccine itself.

All of the COVID vaccines are mRNA vaccines which means they will forever alter your own DNA. They will change you. You will be forever more altered down to the essence of your Individuality: your genes. Your genes are the instruments whch you inherited from your parents and your ancestors which make you human. Your genes are what makes you unique and now when you accept thie mRNA COVID vaccine, the you you know will disappear and a new you will be born. Of course, if you are someone who happily accepts GMO (genetically modified food, then this COVID mRNA vaccine is for you. Now you don’t have to eat GMO food to undermine your own genetics, you are yourself now GMO.

Remember Clint Eastwood’s character in Dirty Harry saying to the punk: “Do you feel lucky? Do you?” I am asking you the same question now. Do you trust the “experts” (most of whom have shameful conflicts of interest) when they suggest to accept this mRNA vaccine which is the first of a completely new type of vaccine. First, you say? That is correct. No mRNA vaccine has ever before been licensed for human use. Step right up.  (for a more ominous perspective on this DNA altering vaccine, review these wise and prescient words from 1917).

Most vaccines work by introducing a foreign substance (antigen) which threatens your immune system just enough provoke a robust immune response (antibody) while stopping short of causing permanent damage.  For the purpose of explanation, imagine coming home to a cold house. What can you do? Well, one option is to start a fire in the fireplace (safe, reasonable effort to warm up your home) but let’s agree that it would not be wise to set your entire house on fire just to warm things up.  If that sounds like an extreme example, read about any of the vaccines side effects, for example: “anti-phospholipid syndrome” an incurable side-effect of vaccines wherein your immune system overreacts to the irritants (adjuvants) in the vaccine and mistakenly makes your blood clot in your legs, lungs, brain and other vital organs. This is a horrible auto-immune illness where your immune system attacks itself. Your house is now ablaze and burning down with you in it.  (read  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1809502/)

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