Whistleblower Says Voting Software Used in US Election Was Created to Commit Voter Fraud

Trump team attorney Sidney Powell. Youtube
Sidney Powell, a member of President Trump’s legal team, read an affidavit from a high-ranking military whistleblower stating that the software in the vote machines used in the 2020 US elections originally was designed to flip votes in favor of Hugo Chavez who became President of Venezuela in 2006. The software was created by Smartmatic and used in many countries including the US where is was embedded into vote machines made by Sequoia Systems. In 2007, Sequoia Systems was decertified in California due to lack of vote-count integrity. In 2010, the software was acquired by a Canadian company called Dominion Voting Systems which made most of the vote machines used in the 2020 US election. Powell says the Trump Team has direct evidence that the 2020 US presidential election was rigged utilizing this software – which she says is “in the DNA of every vote-tabulating system.” Smartmatic board of directors chairman Peter Neffenger is on the Biden-Harris transition team. -GEG

In an interview with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, Sidney Powell, lawyer for the Trump campaign, broke down suspicions and allegations of illegalities with regard to Smartmatic voting software, sourcing affidavit statements from a Smartmatic whistleblower.”Documents show that Dominion Voting Systems submitted a bid to the city of Philadelphia in 2018 to be considered as their contractor for voting machines,” Dobbs prefaced the segment.

“Those same documents reveal very little about the company’s foreign connections. When asked by the city to list any foreign ownership or investors in either the parent company and/or its subsidiaries, Dominion had something to say but nothing to show.”

Then Dobbs displayed an entirely redacted section on the paperwork in question; Dominion was ultimately denied the contract. Dominion is based in Toronto, Ont.

Smartmatic has stated that they have no ties to Dominion whatsoever.

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Akihito Mekata
Akihito Mekata
6 months ago

I am surprised how easy people get brain washed and one most prominent is this time USA president vote this November. To me it is clear that Biden is not qualified nor Kamera Harris by just looking at their eyes and also get some oozing feeling of disgust, which I felt last time with Obama, or Hirary Clinton that their eyes are of kind of reptile. I hope this dishonest fraud voting will be revealed and Trump will be elected.

6 months ago

Unquestionably, we are in a left-wing and globalist insurrection against the sovereign citizens’ US Constitution ! The only question is how much of our domestic judiciary have they been able to conscript to impose their constitutionless new world order, essentially a borderless middle class plantation?..