Voting Machines Used In at Least 18 States Can Be Hacked In Under Two Minutes

Footage from a DEFCON hacker conference in Las Vegas in 2018 shows SocialProof Security CEO Rachel Tobac demonstrating how to gain administrative access on a voting machine in less than two minutes, with no tools needed.

Voting machines made by Premier Election Solutions was reportedly acquired by Dominion Voting Systems in May 2010. Rachel Tobac tweeted in 2018 that the system is used in 18 states.

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RNA ‘Vaccines’ Are GMO Implants, Not Vaccines

January 19, 2021 David Martin 0

Martin says Moderna describes its product not as a vaccine, but as “gene-therapy technology” in SEC filings. Neither Moderna or Pfizer make any claims about their products creating immunity or preventing transmission. Moderna’s own clinical study says it is “impractical to measure infection.”


Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Says Freedom of Speech Does not Include the Right to Say the Election was Rigged

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman said that “lies” about the legitimacy of the election were not protected under the Constitution. He said, “This idea that saying that Pennsylvania was rigged, or that we were trying to ‘steal the election, that’s a lie.” He said: “That is not protected speech.”


COVID-19 Evidence of Global Fraud

January 18, 2021 In This Together 1

Since no one has ever isolated a sample of this theoretical virus, a precise description of its genetic composition is unknown. Therefore, the fact that authorities have published what they claim is its genome is scientific fraud.


Gavin Newsom Plans To Buy All California Real Estate Foreclosures

January 14, 2021 Matt Aitchison 4

Matt Aitchison says a new law in California, SB 1079, will result in the State entering the real-estate-foreclosed home business, which essentially removes competition from investors, and could ultimately socialize real estate as a whole. He warns that this policy may spread to other Democrat-run sates.


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2 months ago

Typical. Rule by totalitarian predators.

Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen Johnson
2 months ago

If you go to geni on internet, a 2011 genealogy article says that Joe Biden is related to our 2nd US President, John Adams. If you keep on searching, you’ll find that ALL our presidents are related, usually distant cousins, going back to Old Testament kings, including Alexander the Great (Daniel 7-12). Some say these are conspiracy theorists, but the ones who say they are theorists, also say we are conspiracy theorists that say vaccines aren’t safe. It doesn’t matter who wins this election, cus it’s all about control, and giving that vaccine to every person on planet. President Trump… Read more »