Mainstream News Networks Announced Biden Victory

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Despite President Trump’s 675,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania on Election Day, the Associate Press, Fox News, and other mainstream media outlets announced that Joe Biden won the election on Saturday morning amid accusations of election fraud and vote stealing. Biden has yet to be certified as the winner in any of the states.

According to an AP analysis, Biden won because he got about 75% of the mail-in vote between Wednesday and Friday in Pennsylvania. Biden reportedly won both the electoral college and the popular vote and is the first presidential candidate in history to surpass 74 million votes. Biden reached 290 electoral votes on Saturday morning after The Associated Press called Pennsylvania and Nevada in his favor. AP’s electoral college vote count includes Biden winning Arizona, which other major news networks had yet to declare.

Four years ago, President Donald Trump breached the Democrats’ “blue wall,” narrowly winning Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — a trio of Great Lakes states that had long served as a bulwark against Republican presidential candidates.

On Saturday, Democrat Joe Biden captured it back — and also won the presidency — after The Associated Press declared the former vice president the winner of his native Pennsylvania at 11:25 a.m. EST.

The AP called the race for Biden, who held a 30,952-vote lead after it determined that the remaining ballots left to be counted would not allow Trump to catch up. The news agency has already declared Biden the winner in both Michigan and Wisconsin.

Under Pennsylvania law, a recount is automatic when the margin between two candidates in a statewide race is less than 0.5 percentage points. Biden’s lead over Trump was on track to stay outside of that margin as final votes are counted.

There are roughly 62,000 mail ballots remaining to be counted. Biden has won the overwhelming majority of mail ballots cast in the state.

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Michael Clayton Reher
Michael Clayton Reher
11 months ago

its 1960 all over again….JFK won that election by fraud over Nixon…
so Biden won this election over Trump by fraud.