Harrowing Video Of Elderly Mother Trapped In Nursing Home Trying To Understand A Window Visit

Screenshot from Twitter video

An elderly woman in a nursing home is visited by her son at her bedroom window, and she is confused and frustrated about why they are separated by a window. Loneliness and despair caused by Covid-19 policies have killed many Americans. [It is easy to see how isolation of the elderly in medical facilities could cause death from despair. Where is the public outcry? Be sure to check out the death statistics at the bottom of the post. Total death in the US are declining! Think about that. If we have so many people dying from COVID-19, how can the total deaths be declining? The obvious answer is that all those COVID-19 deaths merely are deaths from other conditions that have been falsely labeled. How long will the criminals go unpunished?] GEG
Link for the short video:
From Truth Barrier:

This video made me break down and cry a long overdue cry. Once I started I began to cry more and more, until I was on the floor, calling out to God. This can’t be happening, is all I can think, when I can think. When the inhuman and insane rises to such levels the rational mind, unable to “make sense of it,” finally becomes a white foam, and at long last, tears come.

We are not a barbaric society, or a barbaric people. They are. But who are they? How did they eliminate all of our human base level rights and customs so fast, and so unceremoniously? (In fact, it wasn’t fast, but not everybody noticed all the ways they started by twists and turns to fleece us, with all their right-sounding insanities, over the decades and years; All in the name of modernity, progress, and monstrous constructs like “public health.” )

We are all partaking in a vast living experiment testing the limits of the human soul; At what point does it break?

At what point does it break and never come back?

What if that woman dies, in there, like this, not being able to touch her son? Imagine living a long life and doing everything you could to ensure your life would come to a dignified end, only to be kidnapped, held hostage, and tortured.

There is no way I can express the depth of my rage and horror at what they are subjecting our elders to.

The sadism is now normalized, to the point where soon there will be no such things as compassion in any form; It will be considered a “dangerous” prelude to an unsafe act, in the totalitarian new world of ‘virus’ phobia.

Meanwhile, the overall death rate for 2020 is shaping up to be lower than 2018 and 2019. These numbers were posted in a meme on social media:

Total Annual Deaths in the US:

2018: 2,839,205

2019: 2,855,000

2020: 2,033736 through Sept 24.

Hence: the total number of annual deaths for 2020 is on pace to be less than 2018 and 2019.

Read full article here…

Additional source:

Liberal First published an article citing the total number of deaths for all causes in the US from 2016 to September 2020:


In 2016, a total of 2,744,248 Americans died, according to the CDC. Here are the death rates of the past four years:

2016 — 2,744,248

2017 — 2,813,503

2018 — 2,839,205

2019 — 2,855,000

As of midday Tuesday, Sept. 22, there had been a total of 2,08,226 deaths so far in 2020, and that includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Read full article here…

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5 months ago

I couldn’t watch it yesterday on Truth Barrier, I still cannot do it. Terrible.

5 months ago

I’m at a loss for words. It’s taken me several minutes for me to dry my eyes to be able to type this. She reminds me so much of how my mother would have reacted. I’m a 68+ year old man and my heart breaks for ALL the elderly in this situation. This is CRIMINAL!! HARDENED CRIMINALS ARE TREATED BETTER THAN THIS! That video was almost impossible for me to watch. I can understand (a little) what she is going through. I broke my hip in June and was under quarantine for 22 days. I was fortunate that I was… Read more »

5 months ago

Someone needs to send this video to all the Democrat Governors who are still ordering lockdowns. I watched the short version and, well, my husband is in a rest home and I am alone at home.. I couldn’t watch it all. Last summer I sat and watched the activities admin scratch and massage my husband’s back. She must have seen the yearning in my face to touch him myself, to hug him, because she stopped abruptly and said she wasn’t going to do that anymore. I could see his enjoyment, but I wanted to do that so badly for him.… Read more »